Lemongrass | Mosquito Repelling Homemade Classic Gold Scented Candle

S$ 12.90

Dim (Packaging): 6.5cm (L) ✕ 6.5cm (W) ✕ 4cm (H)
Material: Soy wax
Wax Weight: 60g
Weight: 90g
Burnable Time: Approx 18 hours

Dim (Packaging): 8cm (L) ✕ 8cm (W) ✕ 5cm (H)
Material: Soy wax
Wax Weight: 180g
Weight: 270g
Burnable Time: Approx 35 hours

A spa inspired candle fragrance. Energizes, & relieves nervousness. A slightly green citrus bouquet with lemon and orange notes. Has the added benefit of repelling flying pests!

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