Super Easy Gardening Adenium Starter Kit Set

S$ 14.90

This Starter Kit Set contains:
Adenium Seed
Secret Recipe Soil Mix
10 nos. of Black Square Plastic Plant Pot
HYPONEX MagAmp K slow release Fertiliser

Trying to start out your green journey? This starter kit can serve as a simple and enjoyable activity that you can share with your family and friends. Be rewarded as you watch your plants grow day by day and be sure to enjoy the fruits of your harvest!

Starting your own dessert roses from seeds can be fun & exciting. However, many ways to get it wrong especially if you're new. It's no better way to learn than actually get your hand dirty & just get to it. 

Let's have some fun right now! 

We will attach instruction of how to grow from seeds to baby. Cheers!

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