Coffee | Awakening Homemade Special Collection Scented Candle

S$ 19.90

Dimensions (Packaging): 8cm (L) ✕ 8cm (W) ✕ 10cm (H)
Wax Weight: 90g
Weight: 200g
Burnable Time: Approx 25 hours

Coffee lover? The light fragrance of these candles makes them a great choice for setting a fun and festive mood at your next party.

If the smell of coffee scented candles is making you awake, you can't go wrong with The Ooctopus Coffee Scented Candle! Coffee scented candles are a wonderful choice for anyone in search of a calorie-free sweet treat.

If you can't have a good coffee now, The Ooctopus Coffee Candle is the next closest thing.

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