Baby Octopus | Water Resistant Matt Sticker

S$ 0.90

✔️ Waterproof
✔️ Easy to remove

Size: Approx 2.5 inch
Material: Vinyl

These matte or water resistant Cute Octopus stickers are great for a variety of uses. You can use them on laptops, desktops, mirrors, journaling, wrapping paper, cards, party decor anything inside.

A heartwarming tribute to the smallest wonders of the ocean! This sticker captures the endearing image of a baby octopus, with its miniature tentacles and wide-eyed innocence. The sticker's vibrant colors and sweet design bring this captivating scene to life, making it a perfect addition to your collection or a precious accent for your belongings.

Whether you're a marine enthusiast, a lover of cuteness, or simply looking to brighten your day, this sticker is a wonderful choice.

Share it on your website or embellish your personal items to carry the irresistible spirit of a baby octopus wherever you go.

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