Baby Octopus | Decorative Collection Scented Candle

S$ 12.90

Dimensions (Packaging): 10cm (L) ✕ 10cm (W) ✕ 3.5cm (H)
Scent: Lily & Freesia
Burnable Time: Approx 30mins

Illuminate your space with whimsy and charm with our Baby Octopus Candles. Crafted with incredible attention to detail, each candle is a tiny masterpiece, capturing the endearing spirit of these ocean creatures. Light one up to infuse your room with a soft, gentle glow and a subtle sea breeze aroma.

These candles make delightful decor pieces and conversation starters, perfect for adding a touch of marine magic to any setting. Let these baby octopuses light up your space with their adorable appeal.

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