Aromatic Octopus | Water Resistant Matt Sticker

S$ 0.90

✔️ Waterproof
✔️ Easy to remove

Size: Approx 2.5 inch
Material: Vinyl

These matte or water resistant Cute Octopus stickers are great for a variety of uses. You can use them on laptops, desktops, mirrors, journaling, wrapping paper, cards, party decor anything inside.

A harmonious blend of marine elegance, fragrant allure, and soothing light! This sticker captures the enchanting scene of an octopus gently cradling a candle amidst a bouquet of underwater blooms, releasing a delicate and captivating aroma. The octopus's graceful embrace and the flickering candlelight combine to create a scene of serene beauty and sensory delight.

With its captivating colors and imaginative design, this sticker is a must have for those who seek to combine the magic of the sea, the comforting glow of candlelight, and the allure of fragrant exploration.

Share it on your website or adorn your belongings to infuse your surroundings with the captivating and aromatic charm of this enchanting tableau.

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