6 in 1 | Colourful Lithops Succulent

S$ 11.90

Dimensions: 1-3cm

We have professional team of planting Lithops, producing high-quality seeds in Thailand.
Suitable for beginners to take care and can use as home or work desk decorations.

How to grow?
Lithops, or also referred to as pebble plants, are succulents that grow extremely slowly and rarely get more than 1-inch above the soil. They usually only have a pair of leaves, which look more like stones than leaves with a fissure separating them (small gap) and epidermal windows.

Lithops have adapted to tolerate harsh sunlight in their native environment. Thus, the best way to care for them would be to provide 4-5 hours of early sunlight, and partial shade in the afternoon. 

Although they are sun-lover, intense heat can damage their foliage and cause sunburn. Be sure to place them in less sunny spots or cover them up if you find their containers absorb too much heat in the summer afternoon.

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